Little House in the Big Woods

We’re at Grandma’s house for the weekend. It’s been a gastronomical delight – we’ve each gained 5 pounds from Grandma and Tom’s terrific cooking! Now you know where Keith gets his genetic predisposition for spending all day in the kitchen.

Keith is working on crocheting a beanie. He has made it and promptly unraveled it about 6 different times. Perfectionist.

Ranae is digesting a book that is about 6 inches thick, and simultaneously crocheting a scarf.

Grandma is talking on the phone to all her kids and concocting goodies in the kitchen. Tom has been grilling up a storm all day (in the snow!), beer in hand. You can see the snowman behind him, also with a beer in hand.

I’ve been even less industrious than the snowman. But in a few minutes I’ll be putting my skills to good use, eating the dinner that’s going on the table as we speak!



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2 responses to “Little House in the Big Woods

  1. Danae

    nice sweater ha ha.
    and why is keith groping grandma’s foot??

  2. Heather Overby

    Looks like you guys had fun. Love you so much. Let’s talk soon.

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