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Keith and the Squeak

Doesn’t this just look so cozy?


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Little House in the Big Woods

We’re at Grandma’s house for the weekend. It’s been a gastronomical delight – we’ve each gained 5 pounds from Grandma and Tom’s terrific cooking! Now you know where Keith gets his genetic predisposition for spending all day in the kitchen.

Keith is working on crocheting a beanie. He has made it and promptly unraveled it about 6 different times. Perfectionist.

Ranae is digesting a book that is about 6 inches thick, and simultaneously crocheting a scarf.

Grandma is talking on the phone to all her kids and concocting goodies in the kitchen. Tom has been grilling up a storm all day (in the snow!), beer in hand. You can see the snowman behind him, also with a beer in hand.

I’ve been even less industrious than the snowman. But in a few minutes I’ll be putting my skills to good use, eating the dinner that’s going on the table as we speak!


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We got our tree on Sunday! I think it’s the cutest tree we’ve ever had…but I say that every year. This year, I think it’s true though.

We went to a tree farm with a wagon ride and free hot chocolate and wassail for the kids. By kids, I mean Keith. It rained, but it wouldn’t be Oregon if it didn’t rain while you were chopping down your Christmas tree.
Now the tree is just sitting in it’s stand, waiting for someone to have time to decorate it. I guess I could be decorating it instead of blogging about it right now. Hmmm.


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Food for Thought

The best part about winter is curling up on the couch in cozy pajamas (Old Navy pink pajama pants, yeah, yeah!) and being all warm when it’s chilly outside. Especially when you’ve preceded that moment with a chaotically-busy day at work, a hard 45 minute workout at the gym, a walk in the rain, and an evening spent playing (and winning!) games with a bunch of friends. Often, I feel like my life is meaningless because it’s not full of adventure every waking second. I’m thankful when I get a moment of perspective. Because today was pretty darn good now that it’s all said and done.

I did spend a few fascinating minutes today daydreaming about what adventures might be ours for the taking if the economy tanked and we were laid off work. I know, I know…who in the world enjoys thinking about that?! I had visions of joining the Peace Corps and moving to Africa, or of taking out our savings and backpacking through Europe for a year or two. It was fun. Probably not very realistic, but I live off daydreams.

This blog wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the splendid Thanksgiving we hosted at our house last week. Tiny kitchen notwithstanding, we (and by “we”, I mean Keith) managed to cook an excellent meal that my whole family enjoyed. That amount of cooking is a lot of work…I couldn’t believe how it took all day. And it sure generated a lot of dishes for us to wash (and by “we”, I mean me). But it was totally worth it and I’m still stuffing my face with turkey today! I have to say, I think my chef is pretty hot!

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