Don’t Squelch Your Inner Child

We have a family pass to OMSI but seriously, how can you enjoy OMSI without kids? Don’t get me wrong, I could spend hours building paper airplanes and launching 2-liter pop bottle rockets. But you get more than a few dirty looks when, as a 24 year old, you are elbowing 2nd graders out of the way to get your hands on the controls of the little robots in the technology room. We needed a kid, and now!

Enter Ino. 8 years old, and more than willing to spend all day building paper cup flyers, and making goo out of gelatin with us. He is Keith’s little brother so there were no worried parents wondering where we were going and why we’re spoiling their kid rotten. And he needed us to race rockets with him, make sailboats to compete against his, and create colorful chemistry chaos with him. A fulfilling day at the museum, indeed.

We fed him all kinds of junk, bought him toys he didn’t need (well, he said he did, so ya know…), and introduced him to Portland street musicians, Finnegans Toy Store and the Omnimax movie dome. I think he liked it.

Anybody else want to loan us their kid for a day? We only saw half of OMSI because we got so carried away in one room…which necessitates a trip back to Portland asap. We promise that they we will have a pretty sweet time.


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2 responses to “Don’t Squelch Your Inner Child

  1. Keith Prickett

    Yes! And I promise to bring them to a good coffee shop! What human doesn’t like good, fresh-roasted coffee!

  2. Danae

    stop trying to steal kids.
    make your own.

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